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  1. Set Up Bookmarklet
  2. Supported Parameters

For unsupported browsers on macOS, you can use the bookmarklet to add links to Interlink. When you trigger the bookmarklet, it will launch the Save Link screen within Interlink.

If you’re using a Chrominum-based browsers like Chrome, Brave, or Arc, you can instead use the Interlink browser extension.

Set Up Bookmarklet

As of launch, Interlink’s x-callback-url implementation doesn’t support x-success, x-error, or x-cancel parameter.

  1. Open Interlink and navigate to More > Bookmarklet
  2. Choose default values for Unread and Starred
  3. Choose whether to use x-callback-url or universal link to launch Interlink
  4. Tap on Copy to Pasteboard to get the bookmarklet URL
  5. Set up your bookmarklet in your browser of choice

Supported Parameters

Parameter Description
url The URL of the link to save. Required.
title The title of the link to save. Optional.
description The description of the link to save. Optional.
tags The tags of the link to save. Optional, space-separated.
readlater Whether the link should be marked as unread. Optional, defaults to no.
starred Whether the link should be marked as starred. Optional, defaults to no.

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