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Getting Started

Unlike many link organizers on the market, Interlink is mobile-first, which means you will spend most of your time interacting with the iOS and iPadOS versions. There’s also a macOS Catalyst version; don’t forget to check it out.

Interlink keeps a local database of your links at all time. Changes can be made offline and are synced automatically once you have an Internet connection.

If you need help, feel free to reach out via Mastodon at or drop me an email at hello at this domain.

Table of contents

Interlink supports all types of links: http://, https://, javascript:, mailto:, obsidian://, you name it.

Share Extension

If Interlink is missing from the Share menu, please restart your device. This is a known system issue since iOS 14.

The fastest way to add links to Interlink is via the share extension.

  • Open Safari on your device
  • Tap the Share button
  • Swipe the row with the app icons to the right, and tap More
  • Find Interlink, and add it to your favoritelist by tapping the + button
  • Tap Done


Simply tap the + button at the bottom right corner of the link list.

Home Screen Quick Action

Long press on Interlink’s home screen icon and choose Save Link.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop any links onto the link list to save them. You can drag one link at a time or multiple ones.


Interlink has a Save Link Shortcuts action for adding links to the app.


Interlink comes with 2 supported bookmarklets:

  • Quickly launch the Save Link screen on supported platforms (iOS, iPadOS, and macOS).
  • Directly add a link without any confirmation. This is for you if you use an unsupported OS or want to write your custom script to interact with Interlink.


Connect the app to Zapier to leverage its integration with thousand of apps and use the Save Link action to add links to Interlink.


Each link belongs to a single collection (folder). By default, links are saved to the Unsorted collection. You can:

  • Quickly visit Unreads or Starred collection by using the Home screen quick actions
  • Open any collection via a deep link.
  • Designate any collection as Open at Launch to launch directly into that collection
  • Set up shortcuts or Siri commands to open any collection
  • Drag and drop links onto a collection to move them there
  • Use Shortcuts’ Move Link to Collection action to do so by automation


Build filters to find links and save them as custom views to visit later. Think of these as “smart collections”.


You can add multiple tags to any link. You can:

  • Rename any tag by long pressing on a tag in the tag list and choose Rename
  • Merge tags by dragging and dropping multiple tags on top of another
  • Use Shortcuts’ Add Tags to Link action to automate your tag assignment

Unread / Starred

You can flip the unread-read, starred-unstarred state on any link.


By default, Interlink opens your links in the built-in viewer. You can instead use any supported viewer: system browser (default to Safari), DuckDuckGo, Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Firefox Focus, Microsoft Edge, or Opener.


Any collection or view can be added to the Home screen in form of widgets. Use these to rediscover links you added years ago.


The Find Links shortcut action can help you create complex filters to find any saved links.


View a link on one device, switch to another nearby device, and pick up where you left off.

Quick Notes

Use Quick Notes to jot down information and associate individual notes with saved links to visit them later.

Import from Pinboard

If you use Pins as your Pinboard client, Interlink can quickly import your links into the app, no questions asked.

Import from HTML

Folder isn’t supported when importing links from HTML.

Interlink offers limited support for the Netscape Bookmark File / HTML format used by modern web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc), link organizers (Raindrop, Linkding, LinkAce), and read-later services (Instapaper, Pocket).

Interlink can export your links to HTML at any time.

RSS Feeds

Interlink supports subscribing to most collections via RSS feeds. In the collection list:

  • Swipe left on any supported collection, and tap the RSS button
  • Or, long press on any supported collection, and choose Subscribe to RSS


Zapier zaps can be triggered when a new link is manually added to Interlink.


If you use Make or IFTTT, use Interlink’s custom webhook support to trigger an action when the bookmark.created event fires.

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