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Import from HTML

Interlink offers limited support for the HTML (Netscape Bookmark File) format used by modern web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc), link organizers (Raindrop, Linkding, LinkAce), and read-later services (Instapaper, Pocket).

Folders aren’t supported at this time. Duplicate links are ignored. If the number of imported links differ from the total link count (as reported by your current link organizer), this is likely the reason why.

Importing your links from HTML is a two-step process:

  1. Export Links as HTML
  2. Use Interlink’s Import Tool

In your current link organizer, export all links as HTML. The file is oftenly named bookmarks.html. Save it somewhere you can access from the Files app (e.g. any folder under iCloud Drive).

Matter, Readwise, and Wallabag don’t export links to HTML and are unsupported at this time.

  1. Open Interlink and navigate to More > Import > Import from HTML
  2. Tap on Import from HTML
  3. Choose the exported HTML file
  4. There’s no Step 4

Depend on your account size, the initial sync might take some time.

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