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Import from Pinboard

Importing your links from Pinboard is a two-step process:

  1. Download Links via Pins for Pinboard
  2. Use Interlink’s Import Tool

If you’re already a Pins user, just make sure your data is up to date and skip this step.

Pins is a modern Pinboard client made by yours truly. Download it from the App Store if you haven’t done so.

  1. Once installed, launch Pins, and log in to your Pinboard account with your credentials or API key
  2. Wait for the initial download to finish
  3. Depend on your account size, this might take some time. Do not switch to another app until your links are downloaded

While most of Pins’ cool features are locked behind the Pro version, the free download is good enough for our purpose.

  1. Open Interlink and navigate to More > Import > Import from Pinboard
  2. Tap on Import from Pins
  3. There’s no Step 3.

Again, depend on your account size, the initial sync might take some time.

If many of your links are missing after the import, try the Import from HTML method with the HTML file exported by Pinboard.

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