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Each link belongs to a single collection (folder). By default, links are saved to the Unsorted collection.

Collections are shown in the Collection list under the Collections header. Create a new collection by tapping on the New > New Collection button on the bottom left corner.

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When saving links, choose which collection to add them to from the drop down. This applies to both the in-app Save Link screen, the share extension, and the Save Link Shortcuts action.

When viewing a collection, if you drag and drop links onto the list from elsewhere, links are added to that collection.

Move a link to another collection by editing it and choose another collection from the drop down.

There’s also a Shortcuts action named Move Link to Collection to automate that task.

To move multiple links, drag-and-drop them from one collection onto another on the collection list.

Opening Collections

There are several ways to get to a collection:

  • Tap on a collection on the collection list
  • Long press on a collection on the collection list and choose one supported action:
    • Open at Launch: designate an collection as such so that Interlink will launch directly there each time you open the app
    • Add Shortcut: set up an Siri command to open the collection
    • Copy Deep Link: get a direct link to to use in your automations
    • Subscribe to RSS: get an Atom feed for the collection to subscribe in RSS readers like NetNewsWire, Unread, etc
  • Use the Open Collection Shortcuts action
  • Long press the Interlink icon on the Home screen and choose Open Unreads or Open Starred from the quick actions

Managing Collections

When you delete a collection, contained links are moved to the default Unsorted collection.

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