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Make the most out of Interlink using a few simple gestures—tap, touch and hold, long press (press-and-hold), swipe, two-finger pan (drag two fingers), drag and drop.

Table of contents

  • Tap on any link to open it in the prefered viewer. Supported viewers include system browser (default to Safari), DuckDuckGo, Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Firefox Focus, Microsoft Edge, or Opener.
  • Swipe left or right on any link to access more actions: Edit, Mark as Unread/Read, Share, Delete.
  • Long press on any link to access all supported actions: View, View in Reader, View Cached, Edit, Mark as Unread/Read, Mark as Starred/Unstarred, Copy Link, Share, Delete.
  • Drag two fingers over the links you want to select. This will trigger the multi-selection mode.
    • The selected links don’t have to be contiguous. Use two fingers to select a few links, scroll the list, and use your two fingers again to select more links.
  • Drag and drop:
    • Saving links: Drag and drop links from the in-app viewer or any other app onto the link list to quickly add them to the currently viewed collection.
    • Move links to collection: Touch and hold any link until it lifts up and drag it over any collection to move it there.
      • On an iPhone, you need to use another finger to go back to the collection list. On an iPad, if the sidebar is visible, this is not necessary.
      • You can drag and drop multiple links. Use this guide to learn how.
    • Assign tags to links: Drag and drop links onto any tag to assign that tag to all selected links.

Collection List

The Collection list includes default collections (All, Starred, Unread, Unsorted, Untagged), your own collections, custom views, and used tags.

  • Tap on any item to view links associated with that item in the link list.
  • Swipe left or right on any item to access more actions: Subscribe to RSS, Edit, Copy Deep Link, Delete.
  • Long press on any item to access all supported actions: Open at Launch, Add Shortcut, Copy Deep Link, Subscribe to RSS, Edit/Rename, Delete.
  • Drag and drop tags on another tag to merge them together.

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