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Each link can be associated with multiple tags. Tags are case-sensitive and cannot contain spaces.

Tags are shown on the Collection list under the Tags header.

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When saving link, enter a list of tags in the Space-separated tags textbox.

To quickly associate a tag with multiple links, drag-and-drop those links onto a tag on the collection list.

A future update will support doing this without drag-and-drop.

Managing Tags

Used tags are displayed alphabetically on the Collection list.

  • Tap on any tag to view links associated with that tag. The special Untagged collection let you view links without any associated tags.
  • Swipe left or right on (or long press) any tag to access more actions: Edit, Copy Deep Link, Delete
    • Edit: rename the current tag
    • Copy Deep Link: get a direct link to use in your automations
    • Delete: remove the current tag from all associated links
  • Drag and drop multiple tags onto another tag to merge them together

Interlink also includes a Add Tags to Link Shortcuts action to help you automate the task.

A future update will add a dedicated screen to manage and browse tags.

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