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Views (smart collections) help you filter your links based on a set of criterias.

Views are shown in the Collection list under the Views header. Create a new View by tapping on the New > New View button on the bottom left corner.

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Supported filters include:

  • Including: Keywords that match a certain scope (Title/Description/URL, Title Only, Description Only, URL Only, Domain, URL Scheme)
    • When you enter multiple keywords, you can choose whether the results must contain any or all keywords
  • Excluding: Keywords that the selected scope doesn’t contain
  • Tags: List of tags to match the results against
    • When you enter multiple tags, you can choose whether the results are associated with any or all tags
  • Where to look: Everywhere or a specific collection
  • Unread / Starred / Date Added: Self-explantory

Under the scene, predicates are used to look for the links you want. The Predicate for Nerds section might be helpful to formulate the filters you want to use.

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